Tuesday, 21 May 2013

API and Web Service

Difference Between API and Web Service

An API is an Application Programming Interface. An example of an API would be ADO.NET or Google APIs . An API encapsulates functionality into a library for you to access. It contains the operations, properties, etc. necessary to perform your actions.

A web service is a middle tier operation that you write on your own or consume someone Else's. A web service contains functionality that does some sort of operation. Example: A user inputs a value into a text box and clicks a submit button. The submit button calls the web service and passes the value in the text box to it. The web service accepts this value and makes a call to a database to query information. The database returns the information to the web service. The web service can then perform an operation on that set of information or simply send it back to your presentation layer for the user to see.


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