Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Component - Angular 2

In this article, we quickly look into how to build Angular component to use HTML control and bind it to model. Before starting with this article, I would recommend you setup your development for Angular 2.

1- Open Visual Studio Code.
2- Open the Integrated Terminal from View Menu.
3- Create a new Project "ngDemo" with the Command Line "ng new [Project name]"
4- Run you Project with command line "ng serve".

5-Click on localhost:4200 url by pressing ctrl button. it'll open the browser and run your web application.
6- Add a folder "Component" inside of src/app directory.

7- Now add a new Component inside Component folder.


8- It'll add two file in Component folder. 

9- Add a Model Class inside app directory.

10- Replace the Student-Component.component.ts file with the below code.

11- Replace the Student-Component.component.html file with the below code.

12- Create a new file inside Component folder with name student.module.ts and add the following code to it:

13- StudentComponent also needs to be updated at declaration and bootstrap level. We will also have to update main.ts with the newly added module. Below is the update main.ts.

14- Now we need to render this Component. for this we need to update our index.html. we use studen-form selecter that we used during Component creation.

15- Now come to your browser.

16- Your Component is ready to use.

Reference: Click here

Suraj K.


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